Jan 13, 2024
Software Engineering
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4 Power Tools for Trailblazing the Engineering Track

Fellow engineers! 👋 In 2022 I increased my personal efficiency over 400% by dialing in a dream toolkit, and in 2023 I became convinced that it wasn't mere chance. I want to pay it forward so you can engineer faster and smarter too. The world needs more clean code, and it needs more trailblazers!

Let me reveal the 4 unsung tools taking my dev game to the next level:

1. Figjam by Figma (Free + $) - This virtual whiteboard from Figma lets me map out anything from system architectures to meeting notes. Its flexibility and ease of use make Figjam invaluable. (https://www.figma.com/figjam)

2. Tower GUI for Git (Free + $) - Tower streamlines my Git workflow, enabling quick and safe code merges, reviews, and task breakdowns. Its user-friendly interface saves me tons of time. (https://www.git-tower.com)

3. Find-and-replace + Static Type Checking (Free!) - Mastering search/replace and TypeScript in VS Code lets me rapidly refactor codebases while avoiding bugs. This underrated combo makes overhauling legacy projects much faster and safer.

4. Atlassian Jira + Tempo Software + Git Development Panel (Free + $) - If you're an engineer who's looking to level up, don't under estimate the value of mastering User Stories and project management. Jira helps me translate product requirements into engineered solutions and quantify development costs with user stories and tasks. Integrating the Tempo time tracker shows me exactly where my team is spending time and how to improve estimates.

...Pretty cool right? Visualize systems clearly, break down big projects, and manage work smoothly.

These 4 tools combined are far, far greater than the sum of their parts. Once you optimize your flow around these foundations, there’s no limit to what you can build or problems you can solve. We need more empowered engineers who can both see the big picture and crank out quality code. Innovation depends on it.

Catch me on LinkedIn for more. My DM’s are open if you have any other questions. Now be relentless! And show the world what incredible things you can do!

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