Hi, I'm Allen,
Software Engineer & Digital Creative.

Professional & Academic Highlights

Looking for a detailed, long-term view of career work? Try my professional profile pdf.


Current role

Motional moves people with autonomous vehicles.

Senior Software Engineer

May 2021 — Present

Sustained Nutrition

Side Project

Healthful meals delivered for foodies with families, jobs, and fitness goals.

Fractional Chief Tech Guy

October 2022 — Present

    Branding Brand

    Branding Brand helps companies build digital experiences that create connections.

    Solutions Software Engineer

    May 2021 — Nov. 2021

      Bellotti Home Cleaning Services

      BHCS provides reliable, affordable, trustworthy home cleaning services. Over 20 years in the business.

      Interim Tech Advisor

      2020 - 2021

        Wink Digital

        A creative design and marketing agency based in Portland, OR.

        Web Developer

        Feb 2020 — June 2021

          Freelance Programmer

          That awkward moment between getting a college degree and finally changing careers.

          Python & JavaScript Programmer

          July 2019 — Jan 2020

            The Evergreen State College,

            Sep 2016 - Dec 2019

            Liberal Sciences; focus in applied maths, philosophy, computer science, and language arts.

            My Education

            The Evergreen State College

            Bachelors of Science
            + Undergraduate Student Research

            Sep 2016 - Dec 2019


            The National Outdoor Leaderhip School. Remote leadership & mountaineering.


            July 2017 - Aug. 2017
            • Building inclusive communities with peers; learning the value of teamwork, tackling group challenges, and achieving common goals.
            • Remote wilderness travel skills: cooking and nutrition, map and compass navigation, first aid, and techniques for hiking and camping in grizzly bear habitat.
            • Rope handling, and belaying techniques; ice axe use and self arrest, step cutting, glacier travel; snow, ice, and rock protection.


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